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School & Internship

School and Internship:

Work placements and internships are part of curricula in our school, as in reference to the Italian Legislation on Education (general suggestions and recommendations on vocational schools).

The internship aims to train an operator able to help and support people in order to prevent and deal with the inconvenience, favoring social inclusion and participation. The operator should be able to plan, organize and manage activities that help people to meet their own basic needs.

Simulated Enterprise Training internships: These activities improve skills and competencies usually acquired during normal internships. According to the most recent European suggestions, school competences should be acquired by means of a learning by doing approach

The aim is to define a professional figure with technical and professional skills related to industrial production of agro-food products and wellbeing treatment. The professional profile achieved will allow access to the training services sector, to fit properly in local companies, in chemical and biological laboratories of quality control and to work independently; moreover he can collaborate in several sectors of work or set up small businesses..

The design and construction of clothing and accessories technician is a qualified professional figure. She can also provide personal contributions, and creative design in the processes of conception, design, manufacture, development and marketing of clothing and accessories, both industrial and handicraft.

In this sector of internship, students gain experience to manage, organize and carry out installation and maintenance, diagnostics, repair and testing in relation to small systems, plant and technical equipment. The technical and professional skills related to productive sectors (electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, thermal engineering and others). These competencies are developed in relation to local needs.