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“Morra” students’ profile

“Isabella Morra”


Operator and Technician in the Business Management

Professional Profile
He carries out his activities in companies, public services and/or private, related to administration, management control, planning and finance. He manages routine correspondence (including foreign languages).
He is assigned to the tasks of protocol, archive, documents compilation, accounting records, business management and word processing. He uses data statements and forecasts to guide the future management. He is capable of perceiving problems, controlling complex situations, finding solutions, governing processes. The versatility and flexibility of vocational training follow the standards of the working word. He also masters economic and legal techniques and procedures.

Career Opportunities
Employment in offices of business consultancy, access to public and private competitions (e.g. banks and insurances),
participation in the selections at companies, government offices and private enterprises of various kinds and sizes both in industries and services (administrative and management area).

Further studies
Access to all universities and especially to those related to business studies.

Operator and Technician in the Social Services

Professional Profile
He conducts his activities with subjects of different ages, to promote and develop personal growth and/or involvement in society in order to safeguard personal and social autonomy, to avoid or reduce the risk of isolation and marginalization.
He acts into public and private institutions, but he also organizes himself independently and/or in cooperatives, wherever they arise and develop the need of community life.
He develops activities and techniques of observation, interpersonal communication, group dynamics, coordination and interaction with public and private institutions to support the individual and the family. He understands the new demands emerging from the social field, he finds out correct solutions to legal, organizational, psychological and sanitary problems ensuring health and social care.

Career opportunities
Employment in public and private institutions that deal with caring, social welfare, state assistance involved in group dynamics with fun activities and entertainment (e.g. hospitals, day nurseries and social structures operating in the local area).

Further studies
Access to all universities and especially to those related to social sciences.

Operator and Technician in the Chemical and Biological sector

Professional Profile
He carries out the control of chemical and biological processes at an analytical, technological and industrial level.
He could work for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, as well as into research laboratories, chemical analysis and biological laboratories in both public and private bodies, in order to prevent and control quality.
He develops skills to understand and act on health and environment, working to find solutions. He also takes samples, uses equipment and instruments for sophisticated clinical and chemical analysis.

Career opportunities
Employment in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry, along with private and local authority Labs; in order to supervise, prevent and control the quality of living conditions.

Further studies
Faculties associated with sciences (biology, medicine and surgery) or to become health professionals (nursing, physiotherapy, laboratory technician, etc).

Operator and Technician into Fashion

Professional Profile
He carries out its activities with clothing and fashion companies but also independently and/or in cooperatives. He knows and uses the most advanced computer technology and modern facilities for fashion laboratories; he can choose the suitable fabrics, designs and manufactures garments according to the most modern techniques, studies, designs and manufactures accessories. So that fashion is linked to the cultural, social and economic knowledge of society. He knows the codes of modern communication and marketing and e-commerce. He understands in advance the fashion-trends and needs, giving functional solutions to the various stages of labour.

Career Opportunities
Employment in companies of the sector, fashion workshops, studios, design agencies

Further studies
Academies of fashion and design. University for fashion and entertainment.