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Additional Services

Additional Activities and Services:

C.I.C. (Centre for Information and Counselling) proposes projects of education for mental and physical health, aimed at obtaining the following objectives:
– Feel good about themselves
– Feel good about others
– Feel good about the institutions
– Guiding the choices of students and parents in need
– Preventing drop out, bullying, illegal behaviour: use of drugs and alcohol
– Facing youth problems

C.I.C. offers the following services:
1. Door of Listening: a group of teachers, trained to have good relationships and to prevent students drop out, receives students, teachers and parents to collect reports of hardships, relational, educational, family difficulties and guide towards possible solutions.

2. Door of Counselling: A trained counsellor, receives pupils, teachers and parents in the morning and/or afternoon in full respect of privacy, to address relational, emotionally and cognitively affected problems.

3. Door of Nutritionist: an outside expert receives students to provide them with information and advice on the right way of dietary habits for teenagers and help them to solve problems closely related to eating disorders.

4. Door of Medical Advice: promote an appropriate sanitary culture and physiological phenomena related to affectivity and sexuality. The project involves the presence of a specialist doctor inside the school that detects the first signs of a possible discomfort to intervene effectively in collaboration with health facilities and authorities.

5. Meetings with Representatives of Voluntary Associations to facilitate the culture of donation and helping people with difficulties.

6.First Aid Course: for some students of each class, aimed at the acquisition of technical basic first aid (class rescuers).

Active Citizenship to facilitate communication into the class and give awareness of the role of representative and universal prevention of addictions according to the methods peer education.

Meeting with the expert in class to discuss issues related to: lifestyle and consumption of psychoactive substances, doping, road safety, pathological gambling, information and awareness.